Spearheading innovation in the digital world to conserve our rhino in the natural world

What is Rhino Coin?

Rhino Coin (RNC) is a new cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain and issued against legally obtained, blood free rhinoceros horn.

The premise of Rhino Coin is that rhino should roam free in their natural habitat and state, without the fear and threat of being slaughtered for their horn. But the reality – and the tragedy – is, we live in a world where rhinos are being massacred – gunned down, killed outright, immobilised by drugs, butchered and often left to suffer and die an agonising death – for their horns; at a staggering rate of about three per day.

Why Rhino Coin?

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Rhino Conservation

While Rhino Coin is traded, it simultaneously promotes and strengthens conservation efforts, boosting rhino numbers, discouraging illegal trade and benefitting communities around rhino reserves, which in turn discourages poaching.

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Rhino Coin has an underlying economic value on redeeming the cryptocurrency for the actual representation it was issued against, being an equivalent value of 1 (one) gram of legal rhino horn to each Rhino Coin in circulation.

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The Rhino Coin reserves are a matter of public record, published regularly and reliant upon recurrent independent professional audits. Rhino Coin in circulation equates exactly to horn grams in reserve.

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Stability Driven

Rhino Coin derives its value, from the outset, according to the value deemed, and sell orders set, by the Rhino Coin community; while all the while maintaining a value on redeeming the Rhino Coin for the actual representation it was issued against.
The actual value of Rhino Coin on the Trade Engine is determined by the Rhino Coin community placing buy and sell orders, not the value of rhino horn.

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Blockchain Technology

Rhino Coin is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

"As human beings we have a duty to protect the natural world and the white rhino is an iconic symbol. It's one of the oldest species on our earth. The world has to wake up. We're losing our heritage."
- Dr Ian Player

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Rhino Coin Foundation

The Rhino Coin Foundation has been established to manage, determine and oversee the disbursement of the Rhino Coin Foundation fund.

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