"In protecting the rhino, we will be protecting their habitat, and in protecting their habitat we preserve the wild nature on which our humanity depends."
– Dr Ian Player

What is Rhino Coin?

Many experts say that we have already passed the ‘tipping point’ for the rhino species. While accurate stats are not available, reported figures site only around 26 000 rhino surviving in the wild, across all five species in the world; with some stats from reputable sources siting figures as low as 20 000. It would take considerable time and many generations, as well as massive resources on a global scale, to change the attitudes, beliefs and practices that feed the demand for horn.

And time is something that rhinos don’t have. At the current rate of decimation, the species would unlikely survive the next 20 to 25 years.

Rhinos will only be safe when they are worth more alive than they are dead and when reserves and national parks are able to generate the necessary amounts of money needed to protect them.

Rhino Coin is a cryptocurrency that prides itself on its devotion to saving the Rhino, in creating trust by Rhino Coin holders through its conservation efforts, securing the rhino horn in secured vaults, insuring the rhino horn and auditing the RNC, through its dedicated “proof of legal rhino horn reserves” fully backed on a 1:1 ratio.

Rhino Coin aims at attracting crypto-traders and investors, as well as supporters of rhino conservation, and promoting trading of RNC, all the while strengthening rhino conservation efforts. Conservation efforts are directed at boosting rhino numbers, discouraging illegal trade and uplifting and benefitting communities around rhino reserves, which in turn discourages poaching.

71% of each introduction of Rhino Coin after the “proof of legal rhino horn reserves” audit is used to promote and strengthen rhino conservation efforts. The remaining percentage is divided between a children's home and for further development and expansion of Rhino Coin, marketing, daily operations, legal and compliance, insurance costs and secure vault storage costs.

We are a proudly South African initiative and as such, we are passionate about caring for our natural world. We believe that South Africa holds the primary responsibility for the survival of rhino, as we have approximately 80% of the world’s rhino population in our Country.

We – South Africans – can either go down in history as the people who lost the rhino, or the ones who saved the rhino!

The measures and practices that have been in place for the last forty years clearly have not and are not working. It’s time to try something different. As the well-known quote says:

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

It is with this in mind that the idea of a cryptocurrency, underpinned by legal, blood free rhino horn, came about.

In order to save the rhino, we need to be imaginative and creative far beyond old approaches that have clearly failed to achieve what was intended and that is where Rhino Coin comes in.

While the trade versus anti-trade debate rages on, the rhino are dying – massacred without mercy for their horn. We don’t believe there is one perfect solution - one flawless right, or wrong. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we certainly can and are doing what we can to save the rhino. We have come up with a creative solution – Rhino Coin - directed at increasing rhino population numbers, enabling improved security practices and operations to reduce poaching, discouraging the illegal trade of rhino horn and benefitting communities located around rhino reserves and rhino range areas, which in turn deters poaching.

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