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Rhino Coin: Crypto-Conservation

Rhino Coin has been established to provide assistance to populations in distress – rhino populations; to victims of man-made disasters and armed conflict – rhino poaching; and – due to the need for a critical response at a critical point in their survival as a species – to do so irrespective of the opposing camps

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Cryptocurrency: saving the world one purchase at a time?

You are the future and the future is yours. With an innovation like this, ‘Rhino’ are in good hands and you, the Rhino Community, can make dreams come true. Cryptocurrencies are often speculated as mainly an investment opportunity, but is the future of cryptocurrency destined to improve, solve and benefit society and the eco-system? What

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Rhinos in Kruger Park

Kruger anti-poaching unit takes to the skies

MyPlanet Rhino Fund donated a brand new FOXBAT A22LS aircraft to Kruger National Park which will play a vital role in monitoring rhinos, identifying and responding to threats and ensure that the Kruger National Park’s anti-poaching unit is better equipped when it comes to combating increasingly sophisticated gangs of rhino poachers. Read the full article here. Have something to add

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