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Rhino Coin Celebrated Their First World Rhino Day

On the 22nd of September 2018 Rhino Coin celebrated its first World Rhino Day. World Rhino Day, which is celebrated annually, is a special day that commemorates and celebrates both African and Asian rhino species. As you are well aware, rhinos are considered to be one of the most spectacular animals on the planet. Yet,

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Rhino Community

Community members urged to assist the police and conservation authorities to combat rhino poaching.

Six suspected rhino poachers were arrested at a guesthouse in Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal. “Community members are the eyes and ears of the police. They are the people who hear or even know about illegal activities such as wildlife crime and rhino poaching,” the department said. Read the full article here. Have something to add to this story? Share

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Rhino horn harvesting

Rhino horn harvesting

The removal of rhino horn is generally associated with poaching which involves chopping off the horn of a rhino mercilessly, as more often than not the rhino is still conscious. But, most people do not know that rhino horn can be harvested and regrows at about 20 centimetres annually. Read the full article here. Have something to add

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Don't Limit Your Success, Use Your Power

Don’t Limit Your Power

South Africa’s own Mpho Dagada, cryptocurrency millionaire, entrepreneur, author and speaker is a great example of an early crypto-adopter who has had incredible success from being an active cryptocurrency participant. Mpho understood the vision of, and invested in, cryptocurrencies in 2014. Through crypto trading, he became a self-made millionaire at only 21 years old. Following

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Legal Rhino Horn

It’s now legal to sell rhino horn in South Africa

A court ruling in April 2018 opened the way for domestic trade to begin, making it legal to sell rhino horn in South Africa. Read the full article here. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments below or follow Rhino Coin on Facebook & Twitter.

Guardian of the Rhino

Seize the Day with Rhino Coin

Since the launch of Rhino Coin, we have seen Rhino Coin gain traction across the world, as media reports and articles have begun to appear, describing this exciting new phenomenon to the general public: a new cryptocurrency – a cryptocurrency with a conscience – aimed at creating a steady source of sustainable income for rhino

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Rhino Coin

Rhino Coin is a Cryptocurrency with a Cause

A variety of cryptocurrencies have been documented over the last few years. One particular cryptocurrency few people expected to see was a correlation between cryptocurrency and animal conservation. Rhino Coin is doing exactly that and in a rather interesting and unique way. Read the full article here. Have something to add to this story? Share it in

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How Rhino Coin Came To Be

Introduction The seventh of June 2018 marked the first official step to Rhino Coin’s marathon race, in contributing to save the Rhino. But why are we running? What lead us here? I, Alexander Wilcocks, have been truly blessed in my life, to have had the opportunity to see the absolute beauty of these magnificent creatures,

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