Seize the Day with Rhino Coin

Guardian of the Rhino

Since the launch of Rhino Coin, we have seen Rhino Coin gain traction across the world, as media reports and articles have begun to appear, describing this exciting new phenomenon to the general public: a new cryptocurrency – a cryptocurrency with a conscience – aimed at creating a steady source of sustainable income for rhino conservation. The story is also taking hold on Social Media as crypto enthusiasts and those invested in the future of our rhino are beginning to hear ‘the word on the streets’ about Rhino Coin and

If you are a registered user and an avid Rhino Coin trader, well then we reckon your role and participation in Rhino Coin makes you something of a guardian – a ‘Rhino’ guardian! We could not be more pleased than we are to associate with and have like-minded spirits like you on board, making the reality of this incredible dream come true.

Rhino Coin started with a vision and we’d like to share that vision with the world. Together, Rhino Coin and YOU, we CAN make a difference to the preservation of rhino.

baby rhino

You can make a real difference in the lives of our rhino, and cryptocurrencies have the potential to yield seven-figure returns in a few years, but the potential ultimately depends on how you manage your Rhino Coin. So, we’ve put together a few things for you to consider in order to be a conscience crypto trader:

  • Have a ratio for trading and holding coins and use this guideline throughout your Rhino Coin journey. We suggest a 1:3 ratio, where one part is used for trading purposes and three parts are kept in holding.
  • When times are tough, don’t panic-sell. Cryptocurrencies are a long game, and fluctuations can be expected just like with any other currency of the world.
  • Take everything you read about online and see on YouTube, with a grain of salt. No one has the secret formula. No one can guarantee the behavior of your Rhino Coin. Instead, monitor your currency and setup management guidelines for yourself and observe the Coin’s behavior to learn from it and adjust accordingly.
  • Do your own ‘technical analysis’ from time to time by looking at the charting lines. See if you can identify patterns or spot ways to potentially yield a higher return.
  • Rhino Coin is reliant on market buy-in, so why not refer a friend and start reaping the rewards together! As a bonus, we’ll award you with 0.05 Rhino Coin for each successful referral. Find out how by clicking here.

Cornuex trading platform

Trading has taken off quickly, so there’s no time to delay! It has been very exciting to see the increase in trade volumes and rapidly increasing trading values on the trade engine in the last few months, following the Launch event, and we are even more excited for what is still to come. This bodes well for you, the “Rhino guardian”, who are bold and who have embarked on this daring adventure and who are determined to seize the day!

Let us, like the world-renowned rhino conservationist Dr. Ian Player, through Rhino Coin, be a part of the future rhino legacy.

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