Don’t Limit Your Power

Don't Limit Your Success, Use Your Power

South Africa’s own Mpho Dagada, cryptocurrency millionaire, entrepreneur, author and speaker is a great example of an early crypto-adopter who has had incredible success from being an active cryptocurrency participant. Mpho understood the vision of, and invested in, cryptocurrencies in 2014. Through crypto trading, he became a self-made millionaire at only 21 years old.

Following the success of his cryptocurrency trading proficiency, Mpho founded the successful business initiative Invest In Future Currency. Through this initiative, Mpho and his team aim to educate the public on cryptocurrencies by offering affordable courses on cryptocurrencies and trading, to help more people benefit from the rising wave of cryptocurrencies. Mpho is also an inspirational speaker who owns a logistics company, a chain of fast food restaurants, and is in the process of developing the first black-owned cryptocurrency exchange platform. Read his full success story here.

Cryptocurrency made Mpho a millionaire and has the potential to do so for others too. But, just imagine how we can make the whole world richer by using a cryptocurrency like Rhino Coin to solve real world problems and benefit a wider community that has no voice. You could help save an entire species by trading Rhino Coin and make future generations rich with the continuous presence of a species that is currently at risk of extinction.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay, it is the future and it is now. Could YOU be the next Mpho Dagada, or one day reflect back on and be proud to say that you were part of a revolutionary technology with the potential to put a stop to rhino poaching?, Rhino Coin’s trading platform, takes their reputation, service, and security very seriously, which is why embraces the principle of KYC (Know Your Customer) and the related best practice. However, is aware that some users may feel apprehensive about providing their identification documents and utility account details and may not understand why this information is necessary.

The account verification process ensures that there are no limits in terms of your transaction capabilities and gives the required documentation needed in order to make buying and selling of cryptocurrencies as easy and efficient as possible, while safeguarding the security and integrity of your account. Plus, by verifying your account, you help to fulfill their compliance requirements.

Once you have completed the four levels needed to be an unlimited active crypto trader, your account will be fully verified, and any limitations will be removed. This means you will be able to transact as you like, which gives you the power and enables you, together with the other participants who make up this community, to govern this new technology, and be in control of the demand and supply of this cryptocurrency, which does not only benefit you, but also fuels rhino conservation efforts.

If you haven’t yet, then get on board and verify your account so that you can become an avid trader with no limitations.

How to get verified as an individual on


Navigate to the Verification page, which can be found in the main navigation menu once you have logged onto

Level 1 – Legal Agreements

  • Most users should have Level 1 verification since the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy are accepted during registration and the Safety Risk Notice is presented to you during your first login

Level 2 – Profile

  • Verify your cell phone number using a OTP (one time pin) sent via SMS
  • Activate two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator or a similar app

Level 3 – ID Document

  • Upload your ID document for the team to verify

Level 4 – Address Details

  • Fill in your address details and upload a supporting document for the team to verify

For more information on the verification process please see our how to video here, and our how to upload documentation video here.

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