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Rhinos will only be safe when they are worth more alive than they are dead and when reserves and national parks are able to generate the massive amounts of money needed to protect them.

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The Rhino Coin Foundation has been established to manage, determine and oversee the disbursement of the Rhino Coin Foundation fund.


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Board of Directors

Johan Marais - BVSc (Hons) MSc (Wildlife)

Dr Johan Marais is a renowned veterinarian and equine and wildlife surgeon and the founder of an internationally acclaimed organisation, which attends to injured endangered wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents. As a result of the escalation in poaching and subsequent vicious attacks on them, this critical initiative and work is mostly focused on caring for rhino.

Dr Marais is a widely published writer and researcher and is passionate about creating a community of veterinarians, medical professionals, and scientists; who all share information for the betterment of the treatments that can be provided to injured endangered wildlife.

He has a particular passion for elephant and rhino and has pioneered a great deal of research and a number of world firsts in the field of wildlife surgery. Most famously, Dr Marais pioneered the radical, life-saving treatment of facial injuries sustained by rhinos, when their horns are brutally hacked off by poachers.

Dr Marais' enormous passion for threatened wildlife and commitment to investing his life's work in the conservation of endangered animals, especially rhino, has seen the formation of a pioneering team directly and effectively addressing the rhino poaching crisis, saving the lives of injured rhinos that would otherwise have been added to the ever-increasing number of fatalities.

Emmanuel Koro

With more than 25 years of professional communication and public relations experience in government, NGO's and the private sector; Emmanuel Koro is an environmental journalist and holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and Media Studies, with a first class thesis pass, from Rhodes University.

Mr Koro has researched and written expansively on environment and development issues in Africa. He has trained Southern African journalists on Education for Sustainable Development; as well as training African journalists on Environment and Development Reporting via a number of workshops that he has run since 1995.

His professional services include the management of publications for provincial departments of agriculture and rural development, research, news writing and editing, production and management of distribution of publications, media monitoring, media relations, public relations, project management and production of documentaries and videos on environment and development issues, amongst others.

He served as the President of Sub-Saharan Africa Forum for Environment Communicators (1996-2000) and is a World Bank International Award-winning environmental journalist.

Braam Malherbe

Braam Malherbe is a sought-after international motivational speaker, extreme adventurer, TV presenter, youth developer, and author, but most of all, he is a no-nonsense conservationist with a life-long passion to protect the environment.

From rescuing snakes, to saving rhinos from poachers, to educating children and school principals about the environmental future of the planet, Braam is actively involved in myriad conservation initiatives. He is campaigning for sustainable solutions to rhino poaching, and he is challenging governments to act decisively and with integrity in this regard. As an Honorary Ranger for South African National Parks (SANParks), he is involved in conservation and in training rangers for counter poaching operations.

Braam has presented extensively on the SABC nature programme 50/50. In his series "Get Connected with Braam", he motivates the audience to become aware of and appreciate the connection we all have with animals and our natural world.

In addition to running from Plett to Cape Town, at age 17, to raise funds and awareness as to the potential destruction of species in the Langebaan Lagoon; accomplishing a world first by running 4, 200kms along the entire length of the Great Wall of China in single attempt in 2006; a second world-first in 2008 by running the entire coastline of South Africa, a distance of over 3,200km; representing South Africa in an unassisted race to the South Pole in 2011, a distance of 888km covered in 24 days – in 2017, in a third world-first, together with his rowing partner he rowed 8,100km from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro in 92 days. Their purpose? To highlight the plight of our finite Earth and what each of us can do to mitigate the atrocities we have committed through over-consumption, over-population and greed.

Braam Malherbe's adventures are extraordinary and always purpose driven and he holds a primary vision of "Safeguarding our natural world."

"We are sitting on tons of rhino horn that have been accumulated through natural mortality which could be sold in a regulated and careful way. Why would one kill or risk being killed if one could buy it quite easily?"
– Dr Ian Player

And, he argues, the funds raised could go into much need conservation in game reserves around the country.

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